Pastor Byker's Corner

Pastor Rob Byker

Welcome to Rehoboth Church

            A children’s song says:
                        Here is the Church
                        Here is the Steeple
                        Open the doors and see all the people!

            The People!    That’s the true heart of any church.   Rehoboth is a local expression of God’s people here in the Gallup area.   We can’t get over the fact that God looks upon us as His treasured possession.  The Bible depicts our God as a deeply considerate lover.   He inscribes our names on His hand.  He collects our tears in his bottle and counts every hair that grows on our head.   He dispatches angels to guard us and most of all, sends His only Son to shed his blood to pay the penalty of our sins.    No wonder the old hymn exclaims, “O How He Loves You and Me!”

            That’s also why Paul says, “We regard no one from a worldly point of view” (2 Corinthians 5:16).   God calls us to something different.   He calls us to look at one another through the Jesus lens.    We don’t mainly see: rich or poor, young or old, White or Navajo( or some other race).   We see someone God cherishes.   You are someone God cherishes!   We aim to be living expressions of Jesus Christ love in all we do!      

            Rehoboth!   Rehoboth means room.   After Isaac successfully dug a well, he called it Rehoboth saying, “God has given us room and we will flourish in the land.”  (Genesis 26:22)  Jesus comes to take us out of dead end ways of sin and to bring us into the open spaces of his kingdom, where we can flourish together as God’s people.   In Jesus, we experience room.   Room to know one another, room to grow, room to explore the blessings Jesus has for us.    And there is always room for more—for you here at Rehoboth!       

            So open our doors and come join the people—the people of Rehoboth.   Check us out.   We hope you experience the blessings Jesus has in store for you